Today’s podcast is a crash course on email marketing!

I’m pretty sure you have heard it before: your email list is such a critical element of your business.

Expressions like “The money is in the list” make it clear that’s indeed possible to make money from your newsletter, but how can you do that?

And even before that, how can you get people to sign up, open your emails and take action? And what about tools, which one(s) should you go for?

There’s so much information on this topic that is the reason why many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and don’t have success with their email list as a result of the information overload.

In this episode, we keep it simple – think of it as email marketing 101 – and have golden nuggets for both people who are just starting a newsletter and for those who are looking for ways to grow theirs.

Joining us today is social media and online marketing expert, speaker and author Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR. During our conversation, Ariel and I talk about the importance of having an email list, common mistakes entrepreneurs and small business owners make with their newsletter, tools you can use to easily set up and manage your email list and the steps you can take to successfully leverage your email list.

Today’s Guest

Ariel HyattAriel Hyatt is a New York City-based entrepreneur, speaker, social media and online marketing expert. The founder of Cyber PR – a boutique online firm that has worked with over 1,800 clients over 17 years in business – she’s a recognized thought leader in the digital PR world and has been featured in CNN, Wired, Billboard and the Washington Post, just to name a few.

Ariel is also the author of several Amazon best-selling books, including Music Success in 9 Weeks and Cyber PR for Musicians: Tools, Tricks & Tactics for Building Your Social Media House, as well as an in-demand speaker who is often being featured in some of the entrepreneurial world’s and music industry’s conferences and podcasts.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About

  • Cyber PR, Ariel’s boutique online PR firm
  • Why entrepreneurs and small biz owners need to build and grow an email list
  • What’s needed to launch, manage and grow an email list
  • Ariel’s tips for crafting lead-magnets that convert well
  • Email marketing best practices to get more subscribers and to increase your open and click-through rates
  • Common email marketing mistakes
  • The new, powerful, email marketing tool I have recently started using

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