Happiness, we’re all looking for it.

We’re trying to find ways to succeed in life, both in our personal and professional one.

The real question here is what can you do to be happy and achieve the goals you have set? Succeeding and being happy, it’s easier said than done.

This is true, especially when hitting a rough patch. What can you do to thrive even during tough times, so that you continue your journey toward success and happiness?

We address these questions in today’s podcast! We’re joined by Jeff Spires, author of the new book How to Succeed in Life & Happiness: 7 Steps to Fulfilment. During our conversation, Jeff and I talk about the role expectations play in our journey to happiness, the Pygmalion Effect and the importance of your WHY.

Today’s Guest

Jeff SpiresJeff Spires is a UK-based health coach, who provides coaching for people looking to define exactly what they want. Jeff’s Inspired Healthy Living helps its clients in a variety of areas, from breaking bad habits and stress management to confidence boosting.

Jeff recently published How To Succeed In Life & Happiness: 7 Steps To Fulfilment. The book looks deep into the science behind what it is that actually makes us feel alive and connected, and it will help you grow in confidence, boost your self-esteem and see the world in a completely different light.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn More About

  • Jeff’s new book How to Succeed in Life & Happiness
  • How your mindset can help you achieve success and be happy
  • The role of expectations in your journey to happiness
  • The Pygmalion Effect
  • How to stay motivated and thrive through hard times

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How to Succeed in Life and Happiness

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