We all have idols, people we look up to.

Entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, podcasters, media personalities, whose footsteps we’d like to follow.

Inspiration is good, but when is it too much? What if we make it impossible for our personality to shine, because we’re too focused on trying to be like someone else?

In today’s episode, we talk about the power of being you – including when you’re doing interviews for your podcast or video show.

Today’s Expert

Shannon SkinnerShannon Skinner is a Toronto–based media host, speaker and author. She’s the host of Shannon Skinner Live and the founder of Extraordinary Women TV, show that brings you inspiring stories of women doing incredible things.

The author of The Whispering Heart, Shannon is also an avid traveler who writes about traveling and personal growth on publications like the Huffington Post.

Today, You’ll Hear More About

  • Two places that have impressed Shannon, while traveling around the world
  • The story behind her show Extraordinary Women TV
  • Shannon’s advice for overcoming fear and getting started with video
  • Her interview tips and the power of being YOU

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