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Who’s This Yann Guy?

First of all, thanks for checking out my little corner of the web, I really appreciate it!

Ok, so you want to know more about me, huh?

Shortly, I’m a polyglot (I speak Italian, English, French, German and some Finnish) web entrepreneur originally from Locarno, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, now living in Helsinki, Finland.

After getting my master’s degree in social sciences with a major in Media & Global Communication from the University of Helsinki (I did and obtained my bachelor degree of science in communications from Lugano’s USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana), I decided to take the leap and become a web entrepreneur. I’m all about taking action and want to live life on my own terms, and that’s why I started my business.

Simply put, I’m an entrepreneur, podcaster and podcasting consultant who helps coaches, authors, entrepreneurs and marketers with podcasting. Whether you need help with the technical side of podcasting, with planning and launching of your show or its grow and marketing, I’m here to help.

And I do so with this website, as well as through coaching services and my membership site and community dedicated to podcasting: the Podcast Success Academy.

Some may refer to me as one of the ‘Movers and Shakers’ of the podcasting industry. I’m the founder of the world’s BIGGEST digital conference for podcasters – the Podcast Success Summit.

The first edition featured 80 of some of the best podcasters and podcasting experts around, including Jay Baer, John Lee Dumas, The Art of Charm host Jordan Harbinger and NYT bestselling author Joel Comm.

I’m a serial podcaster and host several shows.

My newest, The Podcaster Lab, discusses and teaches podcasting with a brand new and innovative format. In addition to my own expertise, the show provides you with expert advice (presented in a new, creative way), as well as a series of experiments.

In this podcast, I become your “podcasting guinea pig” and run several experiments on several podcasting-related issues. I test things out and show you everything, so that you know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Last, but not least, I’m the creator of Podcast Growth Mastermind, which was named one of the ‘Podcasting Communities to Join’ by Forbes.

When I’m not busy interviewing some of the world’s top (and some of my favorite!) entrepreneurs, online marketing experts and best-selling authors for my podcasts, I’m not being featured on business podcasts and I’m not speaking at events like We Are Podcast, International Podcast Day and the Business Building Rockstars Summit, I I can probably be found somewhere around the world.

Whether that’s cycling across the Golden Gate bridge, driving California’s Pacific Coast Highway or by Ireland’s Atlantic coast, checking downtown Toronto from the CN Tower (the former world’s tallest building), traveling around Europe or chilling and enjoying breath-taking views of Locarno from the Cardada mount.

Hope to meet you in person one day!



Yann & John Lee Dumas

Yann ilunga - Speaking

Yann helped me with so many aspects beyond just podcasting. We didn’t just dive into the gear, but first zoomed out to look at the overall strategy.

His advice helped me to be a better podcast host and also be an amazing guest. I eventually landed on top-ranking show Entrepreneur on Fire and did one of the best interviews of my career!

I highly recommend Yann for anyone that wants to learn more about podcasting and how to use the medium strategically to grow your reach. He’s a great guy with an important mission: help you so that you can help more people.



Kathryn Kemp Guylay

host of Mountain Mantras Podcast (

I couldn’t have gotten my funnels together without Yann’s help and generous advice – he was a lifesaver when launching two new courses, a drip email sequence, and a site redesign all at the same time.

David Krevitt

Growth and Automation Hacker (

Learn With Podcasts

Actionable tips, strategies, experiments and tools for podcasters, business-builders, artists and entrepreneurs delivered right to your smartphone!


360 Entrepreneur Podcast Artwork


The Podcaster Lab Podcast 500

Music Business

The Jazz Spotlight Podcast 500


Marketers Podcast 500

*please note that the Marketers Podcast is in Italian

Yann is a podcasting ROCKSTAR!

John Lee Dumas

host of Entrepreneur on Fire (

Pat Flynn is the nicest guy in podcasting in North America, Yann definitely gets the title of nicest podcaster in Europe!

Tom Schwab

author of Podcast Guest Profits (

Media Coverage

I have had the honor to be featured in some of the world’s top business publications, such as,, ForbesThe Huffington Post and Foundr Magazine.

I’m not only a podcaster and podcasting strategist, I’m also a podcast guest expert. This are only some of the great shows I’ve been interviewed for:

Side Hustle Show

Nice Guys on Business

Ask Me About Email Marketing

The Membership Guys Podcast

Rock the Podcast

Podcast Junkies

BBR Show

Soulful PR Podcast

You can learn more about my interviews and guest posts here.

Interview Yann

Yann has been instrumental in my business growth. I started from scratch with no podcasting knowledge and am about to launch my second podcast in conjunction with The Business Innovators Radio network and WCKG am/fm in Chicago.

Through Yann’s unbelievably comprehensive Podcast Success Summit, his Podcast Growth Mastermind and Podcast Success Academy I have been able to go from nobody and nowhere to making a difference and saving lives with my Recovery Innovators podcast and Addiction Breakthrough Summit.

Also note, Yann has been extremely available whenever I have questions or desire feedback, for both my podcast and my recent online summit. So helpful and so valuable.

James Healy

host of Recovery Innovators Radio (

Podcast Success Academy:

The Membership for New and Seasoned Podcasters

Podcast Success Summit laptop

Are you an entrepreneur, marketer, coach, author, speaker or freelancer interested in podcasting? If so, the Podcast Success Academy is for YOU!

Get access to training, advice, strategies and resources that will help you successfully plan, launch, grow and monetize your podcast


What really struck me was the amount of depth the Academy goes into. No stone is left unturned and it’d be impossible to go through the course and be left with any questions. The other thing I love about it is its ease of use.

This, combined with the amount of content, makes me feel like my grandma could sign up, and even she would have a podcast started in no time.

When you begin building something, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and develop bad habits and practices. What’s better is getting it done right from the get go, leaving you open to optimal growth, knowing that even as you face challenges in the future, you’ve got someone like Yann in your corner.

Hayden Lee

host of the Travel Stories Podcast (

Yann’s teachings and trainings, along with his infectious love for podcasting, have been really helpful in my show passing the 2 million downloads mark!

I highly recommend the Podcast Success Academy as you grow your show.

Gina Ryan

host of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Gina Ryan (