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Practical advice, real-life case-studies, and humor for entrepreneurs, coaches, podcasters, students, and creatives (in ENG, ITA or FRA).

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As a speaker and guest lecturer,

I have shared my expertise with audiences in Europe, the U.S., and Australia

Throughout the years, I have the opportunity and the honor to share my advice and teach – both in-person and remotely – with audiences in different parts of the world.

The list of conferences, events, and institutions that have welcomed me as a speaker or guest lecturer include the American Marketing Association, the Association of Internet Researchers, Podcast Movement, PodFest, the Northwestern University in Qatar, International Podcast Day, We Are Podcast, Entrepreneur Speakers Network Sydney, Podcast Italia, the BEPSII Sea Ice Field School, B. Amsterdam, the University of Helsinki, Entrepreneurs Business Growth Brisbane, and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Words From Organizers & Attendees

“The information that Yann passed on to us was really, really, useful for me as a podcaster.

He really did get a feel for the audience during his presentation, so much so that the time for me just flew by.

I love how Yann delivered his presentation, he had a really good blend of humor and professionalism.”

Craig Wealand – Host of InglesPodcast

“I’ve got an amazing amount of value from Yann’s presentation at We Are Podcast, but just his mannerism and his vibe throughout the whole event was just give, give, give, and I’m so grateful.

Out of all the presenters, he was so warm and friendly., and he really overdelivered and many of my questions.

Thanks for the inspiration Yann, I can’t wait to see where you’re presenting next and join you at your next event!”

Karolyn Zinetti – Host of the High Vibe Tribe Podcast

“The feedback we had from the attendees of the Digital Circus Live for Yann’s session in particular was brilliant!”

Emily & Alan Braithwaite – founders of the digital circus live

“Yann went deep into the content, which we absolutely appreciated. People were on the edge of their seats, they just wanted more.

He gave away a lot of value and stuck around to answer so many questions, he was probably the last to leave.”

Anna Perdriau – Founder of Entrepreneur Speakers Network Sydney

I’m available for

In-Person and Remote Speaking Engagements

Be it conference keynote sessions, university or college lecturers, breakout sessions, workshops, Q&As and meetups – and I could do the presentations in either English, Italian or French!

“The feedback from the students was brilliant. This was one of their most favorite parts of the assessments for this semester.

Some of the students have even gone on to actually start doing podcasting for their own learning and some would like to do this and actually set up like a podcast channel.”

Darren Trofimczuk – Lecturer, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

“Yann’s participation in the conference was a highlight for everyone. Many attendees commented on how easy it was to interact with him.

Yann was super easy, fun, and great value, and brought a lot of humor and grace to the event.”

Patricia Kack – General manager at amplify & we are podcast

“Yann was energetic, positive, really knowledgeable on the topic of podcasting, and added a lot of value to the group.

Everybody got a lot from the experience. He was a delight to have with us.

I would very much recommend Yann to present to your community because he’s fabulous and adds great value.”

Christina Bertram – Founder of Entrepreneurs Business Growth Brisbane

“Yann’s session had such a clear, concise format, to think through a strategy for podcasting as someone who’s entering this world for the first time.

It gave me lots of new things to consider – any seminar to do that is a big tick in my book!”

jodie newman – founder of the business ALLOTment

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“Yann is a very talented speaker, who can really can make his presentations and workshops engaging!

He’s very relaxed and it’s super easy to talk to him. Plus, he provided all the needed information packaged in a good, fun, and easy-to-understand way.”

Sohvi Lindroos & Neea Hyttinen – Tourism & Event Management Students at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

“I know Yann as a very engaging and charismatic lecturer who can really connect with the students on their level, and get them engaged and excited about doing journalism and doing podcasting.

A workshop like his, combining online and hands-on elements, could be a great fit for all kinds of courses at universities or other higher education institutes.”

Minna Aslama Horowitz – Professor at University of Helsinki & northwester university in qatar

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