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I’ve had the pleasure to be invited to speak at a series of conferences and events, including:

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Hi there, I’m Yann ilunga!

I love educating, inspiring and firing up audiences with practical advice, insight and real-life examples – all with a good dose of sense of humor and plenty of laughs!

To me, presenting isn’t about painting a “magical picture” or sugarcoating things, it’s about providing people with knowledge and actionable steps needed to actually implement what has been discussed and positively impact their business.

It’s no news: finding a quality speaker is hard. Finding someone who’s passionate about sharing their message with you and your community and who truly wants to make a difference is even harder.

That’s why, if you’re looking for more than just a speaker, but for somebody who is committed to helping and entertaining your audience, you’re in the right place! On this page, you’ll find what I focus on, why I adore speaking and how you can hire me if you think I’m a good fit for your event.

Popular Talks

Know Your Audience

Go beyond downloads!

This presentation provides you with a series of actionable strategies, steps and tools that can be leveraged to get a better understanding of your podcast listeners – so that you can create content they crave and products and services they can’t wait to pay you for.

Build That List!

It’s no news: email is still a key asset for podcasters and businesses.

This presentation illustrates a series of case-studies and strategies that can be implemented to grow your email list through podcasts and other forms of content.

Repurposing Machine

Learn how to become a repurposing machine and make your podcast content work harder to get more fans, email subscribers and paying clients.

Suggest a Topic

Do you have a specific topic in mind?

I’m all about collaboration and am more than happy to discuss it with you to make sure your conference attendees will have an unforgettable experience!

Want to have me speak at your

"A ton of value!"

Karolyn Zinetti

Karolyn Zinetti

Host of the High Vibe Tribe Podcast

"Very clear value addition and empowerment"

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From the Growth and Digital Marketing Community side, we welcomed Yann for a sales funnel workshop in Amsterdam.

Yann delivered an insightful and thought-provoking practical session on digital sales funnel and their setup. His presentation, engagement and enthusiasm during the workshop were great for attendees, who really enjoyed it.

The most important and satisfactory elements of his presentation were very clear value addition and empowerment through excellent knowledge shared on the topic.

It was an absolute pleasure to organize the workshop with Yann and learn from him.

Sushil Krishna Sushil Krishna

Founder & eCommerce Marketing Manager at Growack

"Deep into the content, a lot of value and answers to the audience's questions"

Anna Perdriau

Anna Perdriau

Founder of Entrepreneur Speakers Network Sydney

"Yann ROCKED his session!"

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I was excited when Yann accepted our invitation to speak at International Podcast Day – he simply ROCKED his session!

He provided great insight to the podcasting community and engaged with the audience throughout the entire session, making it a very valuable and active one.

Dave Lee – International Podcast Day Dave Lee

Co-Founder of International Podcast Day

"Genuinely passionate and connecting with the audience"

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Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences arranged an event, in Porvoo (Finland), and Yann was hosting one of the workshops there. This was the second time I was taking part in the event and both times Yann was there, therefore I sign up to his workshop both years.

What an inspirational guy!

He seemed to be genuinely passionate about the topic and willing to share his knowledge with us. More importantly, he was interacting with the audience, and there was a connection between him and the audience throughout the entire presentation.

Both years, Yann’s workshops were fun and educational, I loved them! He’s a very talented speaker, no doubt about it.

Säde Viitanen Säde Viitanen

Aviation Business student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Watch My Speaker Video

My speaker “highlights reel” gives you a sneak peek of me in action and tells you more about what I’m all about, when it comes to presenting at events like yours.

What You Can Expect

I’m 110% committed to helping you, your event and attendees by providing value with my presentation, as well as by being a positive presence, spending time at your conference and have conversations with its participants.

I consider myself a podcaster and business owner who is all about collaboration, and I have the goal of being one of the top speakers your event has ever welcomed!

"5-Star presentations!"

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Yann is a very passionate, committed and professional speaker, who has the unique ability to combine top-class public speaking skills with a good dose of humor.

We invited him to present twice at DigiDay 2017 and DigiDay 2018 and the feedback our attendees gave about Yann was 5-Star!

Yann did not only excel as a presenter altogether, but he did an impeccable job at getting participants involved in his presentations too, making for a very interactive and value-filled experience.

If you’re organizing a conference and are a looking for an expert to come and wow your audience with his podcasting and digital marketing expertise – combined with his contagious energy – Yann should be at the top of your list!

Marcel van den Brom

Marcel van den Brom

Project Manager DigiDay

"Yann's participation was a highlight of our conference!"


Pat Kack

Patricia Kack

General Manager at AMPLIFY

"Energetic, positive and very knowledgeable on the topic of podcasting"


Christina Bertram

Christina Bertram

Founder of Entrepreneurs Business Growth Brisbane

"An excellent presenter and overall communicator"

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I had invited Yann to host a 2-hour podcasting workshop at B. Amsterdam. The goal was to introduce the local network of entrepreneurs and small business owners to the podcasting industry.

Yann’s energy and engagement with all attendees were really impressive. He was available to everyone and his knowledge about all things related to podcasting and business make him an excellent presenter, and overall communicator.

Sarah Haile-Fida Sarah Haïle-Fida

Business Consultant

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