Courses, Resources, and Services to Help You

Improve Your Efforts, Get Better Results

Whether you need more leads, appointments with prospects or more visibility – there’s something for you here!

Lead Generation, Prospecting, Social Selling

Courses, Training Series, and Resources to help you generate constant stream of leads, book more appointments with prospects, and leverage social selling for your business.

Lead Generation & Prospecting Audit

Is your lead generation pipeline leaking? Do you feel as if your lead generation strategic isn’t working?

Or maybe you don’t have a problem generating leads but you don’t know how to turn prospects into paying clients?

Get an outside expert look into your lead generation and prospecting approach through the audit!

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what’s happening with your lead gen and with a series of practical steps that you can follow to improve your efforts and get a better ROI from your lead generation and prospecting approach.

Ideal for: coaches, consultants, and freelancers who feel that their lead generation isn’t working and aren’t seeing good results from what they’re currently doing.

Smooth Selling Sessions

Filling your calendar with calls and having conversations comes natural to you…

…but closing deals doesn’t!

Smooth Selling Sessions is a series of 3 coaching sessions designed to help you evaluate and improve your current approach with sales calls.

What to do before a sales call, what to say and do (and what NOT to say and do!) during meetings and the steps you should take to generate more business opportunities from every single call you do – no stone is left unturned!

Ideal for: coaches, freelancers, and consultants who would like to improve their sales calls approach, so that they can be more effective with how the spend their time and generate more business opportunities.

“Yann helped me understand the critical importance of lead generation and how to guide people towards becoming not only more engaged community members but also potential clients.”

JAMES WASEM, Best-selling author & consultant

“Thanks to Yann’s expertise, my business now has a reliable and efficient system that it can confidently rely on.”

robert ingalls, lawpods founder

Podcasting & Podcast Guesting

Templates, resources, and video trainings to help you showcase yourself, find podcasts and effectively pitch yourself, track your podcast guesting ROI and leverage your interviews to gain new leads and customers – as well as to better market and grow your show (and make money with it).

5-day Podcast Guesting Challenge

Podcasting has been often referred to as one of the best networking tools, and rightfully so!

But, in all honesty, networking is only one of the great things that could happen to you as a result.

What if you go to a “podcast guesting school” that taught you everything there’s to know about podcast guesting, so that you know how to best navigate the podcast interviews space?

The 5-day Podcast Guesting Challenge is exactly that!

It’s a crash course on all things podcast guesting – like topics to pick (and how to “package” them), strategies to find podcasts and effectively pitch yourself to them, resources and assets you should have and use, how to successfully prepare for your guest interviews, and practical things you can do to convert podcast listeners into subscribers and clients (and generate an ROI from your guesting efforts).

Podcasting Audit

Starting a podcast can be hard, and growing it is definitely harder!

So many moving parts to consider and focus on…

What are you currently doing that, if tweaked, could unlock the growth of your show?

And what’s something you’re missing that could take your podcast marketing to the next level?

The Podcasting Audit gives you an expert look into what you’re doing with your show, with the focus of identifying and presenting you with practical steps you can focus on (over the next 30, 60, and 90 days) to improve your podcast marketing and experience audience growth.

You’ll get an invitation to two sessions (plus recordings) that focus on your show, and a report that will include all the audit findings and the blueprint you should follow.

Podcast Guesting Audit

Are you a podcast guest but aren’t getting much of an ROI from your efforts?

Do you feel as if you’re not getting what you should from the time you invest – like turning listeners into subscribers and clients?

Get a professional “outsider” look at what you’ve been doing as a podcast guest to find areas of improvement and to focus on, be it your pitching approach, content or storytelling, your Calls-to-Action, or anything else you’re doing.

You’ll walk away with a blueprint you can follow step-by-step, with practical recommendations for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

You’ll be invited to two sessions (plus recordings) that focus on your show, and a report that will include all the audit findings and the blueprint you should follow to get a better ROI from podcast guesting.

“The Guesting Challenge is worth every penny, especially if you’re trying to figure out a way of not just being a guest but a way to monetize your podcast guest appearances too!”


“Yann’s advice has completely changed my perspective on podcasting and opened up a world of opportunities for me.

Since completing the Guesting Challenge, I have been able to secure multiple podcast guesting spots and share my expertise with a wide audience.”

CRISTA CLOUTIER, award-winning artistS’ coach

What You’ll Get

Here’s what you can expect from the products:

Practical Advice

No BS, no fluff but only practical advice, resources, and real-life case-studies to help you achieve great results.

Plug-and-Play Ready

Templates, scripts, and swipe files that you can easily copy, paste, customize, and use in a manner of seconds.

Lifetime Access

You’ll always have access to what you’ve purchased – including updates in the months and years to come!

“Yann’s guidance and knowledge have helped me navigate the different stages and build a system that has opened so many doors for me as a podcast guest.”

Connie steele, ‘building the business of you’ author

“I now have a podcasting system that works auto-magically!”

DR. NII DARKO, ‘Docs outside the box’ host


You can also get my help, in the form of consulting sessions, on areas such as:

Lead Generation, Prospecting, and Social Selling

Whether it’s generating leads, nurturing prospects, generate appointments on a regular basis and acquire clients through social media – enhance your business in any of these areas.

Digital Marketing & Sales Funnels

Do you feel like your marketing efforts aren’t effective?

Or you’d like to build a funnel to put your sales on autopilot?

Let’s talk.

Podcast Guesting

Podcast guesting from A to Z: what to discuss (and how to package it), finding podcasts, effectively pitch yourself and prepare for interviews, as well as how to turn listeners into subscribers and clients, and generate business opportunities.

Email Marketing, Processes, Automation & AI

Let’s enhance one of the most powerful assets for your business: email.

And learn how to create better processes, streamline them, and grow your business with the power of automation and AI.

Podcast Hosting

Anything from concept and planning a show all the way to launching, promoting and monetizing it. Get access to my podcasting knowledge made of thousands of hours of podcasting (since 2014), interviews and presentations at events and conferences in Europe, the U.S., and Australia.

Communication, Summits, and Speaking

Did you know that I have two degrees in communication?

Plus, I’ve organized and spoken at several virtual conferences, as well as in-person one – so I can help you with crafting a better messaging, become an overall better communicator, and organize (or make the most of) your own in-person or virtual events.

“Yann has helped me create a personalized marketing plan for my podcast.

It’s really for me to follow the plan – it’s been two weeks and my downloads and listeners have already been growing.

I’d recommend reaching out to Yann to anyone struggling with the marketing part of their podcasting workflow.”

Matthias hombauer, coach & podcaster

“Some strategies I had believed would work well turned out to be less effective, and Yann showed me better alternatives and explained why my previous strategies fell short.  

I expected to get one or two valuable pieces of information, but I was pleasantly surprised. I walked away with at least EIGHT POINTS that I know will significantly benefit my podcasting efforts.”