In This Episode, You’ll Hear About

  • Lessons Laura learned from writing a book in 30 days [4:48]
  • How to write a book if writing isn’t your thing [8:52]
  • Laura’s advice for coming up with a show-stopping show name [12:33]
  • Her copywriting tips for crafting episode titles that make people want to press play [18:22]
  • Laura’s view on podcast show notes and how she writes hers [24:12]
  • Strategies you can use to grow your email list through podcasts [30:20]


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Google Docs voice recording

Today’s Guest Expert

Laura Petersen

Laura Petersen is an entrepreneur, digital nomad and podcaster.

She’s the host of Copy That Pops, show that provides you with advice on entrepreneurship, podcasting and marketing.

She’s also the author of the bestselling book Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business With Compelling Copy. 


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