In This Episode, You’ll Hear About


  • More about David’s current projects


  • What David has noticed top entrepreneurs and creatives he interviews have in common


  • The Fortress Fallacy concept and David’s advice for finally completing your projects and creations


  • The Dual Strategy to increase your creative output


  • David’s thoughts on multi-tasking


  • How David contributed to some of the features you find in Google Calendar today


  • Productivity apps and how David goes about processes


  • David’s experiments and how he think experiments fit into the entrepreneurial world


  • David’s podcast growth experiment


  • David’s upcoming book Getting Art Done

Today’s Guest Expert


David Kadavy

David Kadavy is a creative entrepreneur, author and podcaster.

He’s the author of the Amazon top 20 book Design for Hackers and the upcoming title Getting Art Done.

He has a popular column on and, every week, he interviews top entrepreneurs and creatives on his show, the Love Your Work Podcast.



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