In This Episode, You’ll Hear About


  • What the Podcast Planner is and can do for you [3:30]


  • The two types of people the Planner was designed for [7:31]


  • What you should focus on, especially in the early stages of your podcasting journey [9:06]


  • 7 things you can do to come up with content ideas for your show and episodes [12:53]


  • Storytelling advice Addy got from the hosts of Serial, Criminal and StartUp [18:41]


  • How to go about creating your content calendar [23:11]



Today’s Guest Expert

The Podcast Planner – Addy Saucedo

Addy Saucedo is a podcast producer, consultant and author.

She’s the creator of The Podcast Planner, guide that provides you with advice that will help you be a better podcaster.

Addy shares her podcasting expertise on her new show too, The Podcast Planner Podcast.


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