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Learn how to successfully plan, launch, grow and market a podcast with a step-by-step blueprint, monthly training calls and a series of in-depth video courses

Ideal for: marketers and entrepreneurs interested in starting a podcast, people who already host a show

Yann’s teachings and trainings, along with his infectious love for podcasting, have been really helpful in my show passing the 2 million downloads mark!

I highly recommend the Podcast Success Academy as you grow your show.

Gina Ryan

host of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Gina Ryan (

What really struck me was the amount of depth the Academy goes into. No stone is left unturned and it’d be impossible to go through the course and be left with any questions. The other thing I love about it is its ease of use.

This, combined with the amount of content, makes me feel like my grandma could sign up, and even she would have a podcast started in no time.

When you begin building something, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and develop bad habits and practices. What’s better is getting it done right from the get go, leaving you open to optimal growth, knowing that even as you face challenges in the future, you’ve got someone like Yann in your corner.

Hayden Lee

host of the Travel Stories Podcast (

How would you like to set up a system that allows you to generate new leads and increase sales pretty much on auto-pilot?

How to Create Your First Funnel is a video courses that provides you with an in-depth look at 4 different types of funnels, case-studies and step-by-step tutorials that will help you set up a sales funnel – whether it’s your first or your fifth.

Ideal for: entrepreneurs, podcasters, marketers and bloggers with at least one product or service to sell



“I’ve gone through one-fourth of the course and started implementing what I’ve learned so far…I added 50 new students to my course in a few days – WOW!

I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the course and increase the number of paying students further. Thank you Yann!”

Krystal Wascher

audiobook narration & online course creation expert

Many marketing courses can introduce a lot of complicated concepts and intricate strategies that might work for big corporations, but aren’t always effective for solopreneurs. Not Yann!

How to Create Your First Funnel focuses on the simple fundamentals of solid, time-tested marketing using funnels. The concepts found in the training can be applied to online products, launches, and more.  

While Yann does a great job at keeping things simple and easy to understand, make no mistake: the concepts taught in this course are used by serious online marketers around the world. They work.

And Yann makes this information available without the high-minded mumbo-jumbo found in a lot of other courses I’ve taken.  Definitely recommended!”

James Wasem

author of Live Streaming Your Business: A Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur

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Join the world’s LARGEST digital conference about podcasting!

Watch 80 video sessions that feature some of the top podcasters, entrepreneurs, marketers and podcasting experts around – including John Lee Dumas, Jay Baer, Pamela Slim, Joel Comm and Sue B. Zimmerman.

Ideal for: business-builders, marketers and entrepreneurs interested in podcasting, as well as podcast hosts

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Ideal for: business-builders, marketers and entrepreneurs interested in podcasting, as well as podcast hosts

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Yann helped me with so many aspects beyond just podcasting. We didn’t just dive into the gear, but first zoomed out to look at the overall strategy.

His advice helped me to be a better podcast host and also be an amazing guest. I eventually landed on top-ranking show Entrepreneur on Fire and did one of the best interviews of my career!

I highly recommend Yann for anyone that wants to learn more about podcasting and how to use the medium strategically to grow your reach. He’s a great guy with an important mission: help you so that you can help more people.

Kathryn Kemp Guylay

host of The Mountain Mantras Podcast (

“I followed Yann’s Podcast Success Summit and was impressed by his professionalism. I could have bought the recordings, which would have been worth every penny, but instead I wanted to have him all to myself and invested in some coaching with him. I was not disappointed!

He asked me to send him my questions ahead of time, which I did, and then during our coaching call, he was prepared with in-depth information & resources about every one of them.

Yann is not only an expert in everything related to podcasting, but he will also give you advice on how to implement the podcast into the bigger picture in order to grow your business! I can only recommend Yann and his work, whether it is his online courses or his one-on-one coaching!”

Sarah Santacroce

host of The Introvert Biz Growth Podcast (