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Want to build an automated system to generate leads and increase sales, and boost your business?

Yann helped me with so many aspects beyond just podcasting. We didn’t just dive into the gear, but first zoomed out to look at the overall strategy.

His advice helped me to be a better podcast host and also be an amazing guest. I eventually landed on top-ranking show Entrepreneur on Fire and did one of the best interviews of my career!

I highly recommend Yann for anyone that wants to learn more about podcasting and how to use the medium strategically to grow your reach. He’s a great guy with an important mission: help you so that you can help more people.

Kathryn Kemp Guylay

host of Mountain Mantras Podcast (MakeWellnessFun.com)

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All the training, advice and resources you need to successfully plan, launch, grow and monetize your podcast!

Yann’s teachings and trainings, along with his infectious love for podcasting, have been really helpful in my show passing the 2 million downloads mark!

I highly recommend the Podcast Success Academy as you grow your show.

Gina Ryan

host of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Gina Ryan (TheAnxietyCoachesPodcast.com)

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The Podcaster Lab Podcast 500

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Marketers Podcast 500

*please note that the Marketers Podcast is in Italian

Yann is a podcasting ROCKSTAR!

John Lee Dumas

host of Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire.com)

Pat Flynn is the nicest guy in podcasting in North America, Yann definitely gets the title of nicest podcaster in Europe!

Tom Schwab

author of Podcast Guest Profits (InterviewValet.com)

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