Email List Growth: Using the ‘3 Yeses’ Principle to Turn Listeners Into Subscribers and Paying Customers

Email-List-Growth-as-a-Podcast-Guest – The Podcaster Lab TV

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Email list growth is among the several reasons why you may want to be a guest on other people’s podcasts.

Once you know where to find podcasts and how to go about things, you’ll get the unique opportunity to speak directly to your prospects.

And there’s more to than that!


In fact, as a guest expert, you can actually leverage every single interview you do not only to share your message to new audiences but to actually turn podcast listeners into email subscribers – and even paying customers.

Among the different email list growth strategies for podcast guests, there’s one in particular that really makes a difference.

It’s what Interview Valet founder and Podcast Guest Profits author Tom Schwab calls the ‘3 Yeses’ Principle.


What are these 3 Yeses and how will they help you in your email list growth efforts?

Watch the video below to find out:


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