How to Pitch Yourself Like a Pro (a Step-by-Step Approach for Podcast Guests)

How to Pitch Yourself as a Podcast Guest

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Knowing how to pitch yourself is an important part of your podcast guesting endeavors.

Approaching a topic from a specific topic, mention what matters to podcast hosts and press the right buttons all contribute to podcasters reply Yes to your pitches.

With my podcasts and virtual summit, I’ve conducted well over 300 interviews and have pitched myself as a guest and my show to potential guests – and have successfully heard YES! to top entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors and Grammy Award-winning artists.

I’m about to share my step-by-step process with you!

Watch the video below to hear my advice on how to pitch yourself like a pro:



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Here’s the email script mentioned in the video (feel free to use it but take a minute to customize it and use your voice):


it’s [YOUR NAME] – you probably remember me from [A PLATFORM, Twitter for example] where I’ve been curating your great content!


I was wondering: are you looking for guests for [PODCAST NAME]? I typically talk about [MAIN TOPIC], but I’m happy to discuss [OTHER TOPIC] too and provide your audience with value!


Here’s my podcast guest webpage, so that you can see whether I’m a good fit for your show: [YOUR PODCAST GUEST PAGE LINK]


Looking forward to your reply!


Have a great day,